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Did you know the vast majority of the hair dryers sold in Japan are equipped with ionic generator that release Negative Ions? Why? It's Simple! It makes a big difference after the blowout.

Lucky for you that GMJ Beauty brought the best of the BEST to the US market. All of our styling tools are engineered and designed in Japan. And the secret is in the Negative Ions. All of our hair dryers are built with superior ionic generator system, that releases 3 million negative ions per cubic centimeter (cm3)! Yes, 3 million negative ions!  So what does it mean to you and how will that benefit you?

Our unique Ionic Generator enables the hair dryer to lock in moisture instantly for softer, shinier results that last longer, with less frizzing.  Our hair dryers have been one of the best selling hair dryers sold among Japanese professionals for a reason!

There are 2 models for you to choose from. GM1621 uses professional grade AC motors which is more powerful and durable, best suited for a Professional Hair Stylist or Barber. The GM1621 model comes with 3 colors, Pearl White, Rubber Matte Black or Piano Red. The GM1601 model hair dryers use lightweight, yet strong DC motor. It is best suited for a Professional Hair Stylist/Barber, who prefers lightweight, but reliable hair dryer. GM1601 is also the perfect selection for daily home-use. The GM1601 model comes with 2 color options for you to choose from, Pearl White and Rubber Matte Black.

Try our superior and innovative hair dryer today and get lots of negative ions and feel the difference yourself!