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buy best vibration flat iron online pro professional

No More Heat Damage, the Secret is in Our Unique Vibrating Plates

Now you can use the flat iron as often as you want without feeling guilty, because our 3D Vibration Flat Iron Series are the Solution to the Problem. Why?

Our 3D Vibration Flat Irons not only prevent heat damage by the unique vibrating plates, but its vibration function also restores damages by closing the opened cuticles.

All of our styling tools are engineered and designed in Japan. The superior technology helps realign damaged hair and closes raised cuticles for immediate shiny, smooth appearance in half the time.   Our engineer wants to show that there is a clear difference. 

The signature 3D Vibration Flat Iron series come with a variety of models and colors for you to choose from. The GM3004 models come with 2 colors; Pearl White and Rubber Matte Black. The GM3004 Pearl White flat iron uses ceramic tourmaline vibrating plates, which is best for think to thick hair, normal to moderately damaged hair. The GM3004 Rubber Matte Black flat iron uses titanium vibrating plates, which is best for thick to coarse hair, normal to healthy hair. 

The GM3005 model comes with piano black with red vibrating plates. In addition, it also comes with detachable curling devices which are perfect for someone who loves experiment different curls by different tools. Last but not least, our newest addition to the series is the model number GM3013, waterproof vibration flat iron. This flat iron is the go to flat iron for the license professionals who cares about their clients and their hairs. Sometime you're in rush and your client's hair is not completely dried and you need to rush to get the styling started. Moreover, our LCD touch panel screen makes the flat iron looks so sleek and user friendly. We also installed special adhesive at the tip of the flat iron to protect you from the heat burns.

If you want to learn more about why GMJ Beauty's 3D Vibration Flat Iron is Superior and Works the Best, Keep Reading!

The following two (2) charts show you the hair section when non-vibrated flat iron used vs. GMJ vibrated flat iron.  As you can see when you use GMJ Beauty digital vibration flat iron, 3D series, the red dots are evenly spread across the hair which is less stressful to your hair.  However, the ordinary flat iron, keeps all the heat concentrated on your hair surface which is the cause to damage your hair.  A lot of time it also causes to pull your hair from the heat and causing splits.  Yes, this is the science and secret behind why GMJ Beauty's vibration professional flat iron works differently from the rest of the flat irons.

In the nutshells, the following outlines the benefits and the reasons why you need the best flat iron, whether you're a licensed professional or beauty maven who just love the best of the BEST.

GMJ Beauty invites you to try our signature 3D Vibration Flat Iron for the Professionals and Daily Home use to archieve the beautiful and silky hair appearance.